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Unformatted text preview: MUH 2512 World Music Dr. Bakan Exam #2 (“Final” Exam) Study Guide Format: This is a multiple-choice exam. It consists of 100 questions. You will mark your answers on a Scantron form. The first portion of the exam is a listening test; this will be administered at the beginning of the exam period. The exam covers Chapters 7, 8, and 13 of your textbook and its related materials (lecture materials, CD set exs., Musical Guided Tours, Online Musical Illustrations, etc.). The following is a detailed breakdown of the contents of the exam that is intended to guide you in your studies: I) Listening exam (30%) • 18 examples will be played. Examples generating two or more questions are generally those linked to Guided Listening Experience (GLE) selections on the CD set; be prepared to answer questions relating to the GLE narratives and quick summaries • Some examples drawn from online Musical Guided Tours and Musical Illustrations are included as well. See below for details. CHAPTER 7 LISTENING: 2-2: Gamelan gong kebyar; Bali; “Jaya Semara” (piece title) 2-3: Kecak (title/genre); Bali; gamelan suara **2-4: Gamelan beleganjur in cremation procession; Bali [GUIDED LISTENING EXPERIENCE TRACK] *2-5: Malpal cymbal texture (compared to kilitan telu); why malpal is played at crossroads (deflecting bhutas and leyaks, etc.); Bali 2-6: Beleganjur contest; kreasi beleganjur; kilitan telu; I Ketut Sukarata (composer); Bali **2-7: “Wira Ghorava Cakti ‘95”; I Ketut Suandita (composer); 8-part cymbal polyphony encompassing (but not limited to) kilitan telu patterns; “blurring” of slow-fast movements; other innovations (e.g., gong cycle drops out, unaccompanied reyong section feature, etc.) [GUIDED LISTENING EXPERIENCE TRACK] **2-8: “B.A.Ph.PET”; instrumentation (espec. re: gamelan instruments and scratch turntable); “truncated” kilitan telu rhythmic foundation and its development; elements and styles syncretized [GUIDED LISTENING EXPERIENCE TRACK] ; FSU gamelan; Charles Tremblay MUSICAL GUIDED TOUR, Chapter 7 (GAMELAN BELEGANJUR) • Gilak gong cycle • “Reverse” gilak gong cycle • Instrument identifications: reyong, cengceng, kendang, gong ageng • Kilitan telu CHAPTER 8 LISTENING: 2-9: Bhajan; India...
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Exam_1_study_guide-1 - MUH 2512 World Music Dr Bakan...

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