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Article summery thxgiving - approaching sums as large as...

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Current event Randy Melgaard Business Ethics Article summery. In the New York Time’ s article “H.P. to pay $16 Million to Settle Suits” author Edward Wyat, delineates a settlement agreed to by the justice department and hewlet-Packard, to settle whistle-blower lawsuits pertaining to bribery to ‘school district officials in Texas.’ The article informs to the investigation’s initial focus as the whistle-blower’s allegations of the inappropriate events that were occurring. The article’s annotation is that the ‘E-rate’ Program is a program that is to irrigate libraries and schools to the World Wide Web utilizing funds earned from telephones. The whistle-blowers are set to receive large payment sums for the lawsuits previously filed,
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Unformatted text preview: approaching sums as large as 1.5 million. Hewlett-Packard had a statement issued that the article quoted. To generalize, The basics of the issued statement were primarily that their employed follow ethical business standards, secondly, it happened a long time ago ,and finally that any and all employees involved are not further employed; in other words, the existence of the conditions of 5 years ago has desublimated. Ultimately, the settlement agreed to involving the E-rate program and the ethical issue of fraud resulted in a sum of 16.5 million US dollars paid to the government from the company Hewlett-Packard....
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