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1 st paragraph: Odysseus, from The Odyssey , is physically strong and also a good leader and Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), from history, is psychologically strong and a great leader but also has weaknesses. Martin Luther King, Jr. was strong at being a good leader and was also known for being a Civil Rights leader. He always followed his dream of having black people have the same rights as white people and other races and always fought for what he knew was right. Like MLK, Odysseus was a very good leader. Odysseus is very strong in battle. For example, he was in the Trojan War for ten straight years and that was physically enduring. After that he spent another ten years trying to get home to Ithaca. He was strong when it came to leading his men through obstacles like the
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Unformatted text preview: Cyclopes and Hades and also was strong psychologically because he was away from his family for twenty years. During that time some of his weaknesses starting to affect Odysseus. His main weakness was he thought he was the best mortal alive. Also, his cockiness kept him away from Ithaca when he upset Poseidon. Poseidon sent his fleet of course and on a ten year trip back to Ithaca. He also had a strong love for women and that was one of his weaknesses. He did not stay loyal to his wife when he was on Calypsos Island and that kept him there for the seven years. He also was selfish. Many of the time when he was exploring he sent his men in before him to make sure it was okay for himself....
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