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2 nd paragraph: MLK and Odysseus both went on physical and psychological journeys. MLK was a American political activist. He was called to duty by the black community to insure that every race had equal rights. Like most epic heroes, he always had people helping him, in this case the black community and also his wife, Coretta Scott King. During those times black people were not treated as equals. They were sent to the back of the bus, segregated into different schools, bathroom and drinking fountains and also were not allowed to vote. MLK reached his abyss when he was being watched and bugged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1963-1968. He bounced back from his abyss by being stronger than ever and wrote the “I Have a Dream” speech. Like MLK, Odysseus traveled both physically and psychologically. Odysseus is a mighty
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Unformatted text preview: warrior, so he is called to the Trojan War which lasts for ten years. After the war he tries to get home, but runs into obstacles. Athena is a God who is on his side and also his men are on his side because they want to get home. Although those people help him, they cannot do everything. When he battles the Cyclopss, he tells his men to make the spear and throw it into his eye. He is also battling his emotions because he has been away from his family for twenty years. During his physical and emotional journey he is taken to many islands such as Circes Island and Calypsos Island. He also goes down to the Underworld and comes back up. His abyss is when he was at Calypsos island for seven years and almost forgot about his family. He returned to his voyage more determined than ever....
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