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3 rd Paragraph: Martin Luther Ling Jr. and Odysseus have very similar journeys, but are also different. MLK does not have much of a physical journey. The most physical part of MLK’s journey was when he was beaten or arrested. However, Odysseus had a very physical journey that endured all of his strength. For example, Odysseus had to battle Cyclops and he physically beat him by “stab [bing] his chest where the midriff packs the liver.” (221) The other part of Odysseus’ journey is very emotional. He is very emotional about the journey because he has not seen his children and wife in twenty years. His kid was only two years old when he left; now he is twenty-two and a grown man. Unlike Odysseus’ emotional journey, MLK is fighting for something that he deeply cares about. MLK grew up with little rights and he wanted to change it.
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Unformatted text preview: Fighting for civil rights affected his whole life up to the point of death. Unlike their journeys, their traits are very different, but somewhat similar. MLK was a very good leader and a model to many black boys and girls in the fifties and sixties. He led many marches against segregation and discrimination. Odysseus also was a good leader of his fleet of ships and his men. He instructed all his men through certain obstacles like the Cyclop’s, Land of the Locust Eaters and Poseidon. One trait that Odysseus and MLK share is their attraction to women. Like many men, Odysseus and MLK were attracted to women, but in a bad way. MLK cheated on his wife many different times. Odysseus also cheated on women, but not as many women....
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