Chapter 23

Chapter 23 - that he misses being home with Phoebe so much...

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Chapter 23 Phoebe asks Holden to dance, after he talked with Mr. Antolini, and then shows him how she can fake a fever by crossing her legs and holding her breath. Then, all the sudden, their parents come home to Phoebe covering up for Holden being home two days early. Quote: Page 179 “”Eight dollars…….Finally I stopped.” Analysis: He started to realize how sweet she was by giving him a whole eight dollars. He starts to cry because he is so happy that she is a great sister and that he loves her deeply. It also changes the tone of the story. Holden came into the house to slip in and say hello to Phoebe for a little bit. It ended up becoming a mood changer for Holden in the fact
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Unformatted text preview: that he misses being home with Phoebe so much that he cried about it. It shows how much Phoebe and him care for each other and why they are so close. Also, it indicates that because he says he scared hell out of poor Phoebe (179). It also gives the readers another view of Holdens personality. He can get very drunk and rowdy, but also is a soft person. 1. Why does Holden feel like dancing with Phoebe after talking with Mr. Antolini? 2. Why does Phoebe cover up for Holden when she insisted on the fact that his dad was going to kill him 3. Why would Holden have been glad if he was caught at home?...
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