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Non-visual Imagery: You Cannot See It Cameron Palmer November 13, 2006 By using non-visual sense imagery to describe the physical world, James Joyce’s’ “Araby” reveals that the planet seemed to be friendly, but is actually very dark and depressing. The narrator paints pictures by using non-visual imagery like tactile, olfactory, and auditory. Joyce uses tactile imagery when referring to the “cold air” to tell the reader that it was winter time and that it has turned very cold and windy. The narrator’s description of playing outside reveals that the wind is a slow torture. He implies that by using the word stung to describe it. When they are just playing outside the description implies that they are having fun. However, it also sets the scene as a dark and depressing. Another type of non-visual sense imagery is olfactory. The narrator indicates that the air in his house as “musty from having been long enclosed,” because the
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Unformatted text preview: old tenant died in the back of the house. Also, the description tells the reader that the house is a gloomy and depressing place to be. Lastly, Joyce uses auditory imagery in “Araby” to reveal that the shopkeeper’s voice as “not encouraging” and she speaks to him “out of a sense of duty.” Joyce’s reference to the shopkeeper’s attitude tells the reader that she is not welcoming, which affects the narrator’s decision to not buy a gift for Mangan’s sister, because he had to go all the way to the bazaar for Mangan’s sister and comeback with nothing. These three examples of non-visual imagery support the fact that the universe is actually dark and depressing to the narrators even though, it seemed like a happy and romantic place. Joyce’s “Araby” uses non-visual imagery to describe the world as dark and depressing....
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