Pelea de Toro en Sevilla

Pelea de Toro en Sevilla - peones tried to give the bloody...

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-1 Pelea de Toro en Sevilla (Bull Fight in Sevilla) The crowds of people were like bulls trying to hit the matador. The air was smoking cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. When the bull comes out, the crowd hushed up as the bull got teased. The peones then dramatically stab the bull with about six to eight times with banderillas. The blood was, by then, slowly oozing out of the bulls upper back. The matador talked to the bull thru his movement. The respect for the bull was dazzling. The point of a bull fight is to see how good the matador is with the bull and how tough the bull is. The 2 nd bull out there gained much respect. The bull came out giving its heart to protecting its life. The picadores come out to weaken the all mighty beast. Then the
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Unformatted text preview: peones tried to give the bloody bull some decoration by stabbing the bull with banderillas. The matador then came out and tired the bull to extreme exhaustion. About the time the bull was about collapse, the matador goes in for the kill. The matador dramatically tried to stab the animal with his sword. As the bull stumbled towards his or her death, the matador leads the bull to the center of the ring. The bull then staggered, fell on its two front legs, and then tumbled to its death. The crowd applauded loudly and waves white handkerchiefs, a sign of great respect for the bull. The handkerchiefs were The main bull keeper and judge cut off two of the bulls ears. Both those ears were colossal respect for the matador....
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