27 - 1 Extraordinary claims require extraordinary...

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General Psychology- PSC 001 Section 003 Midterm Exam 1: Research Methods Biological Psychology Consciousness Midterm Exam 2: Learning Memory Human Development Midterm Exam 3: Social Psychology Personality Psychology Abnormal Psychology Bring UCD 2000 Scantron (blue) and pencil to exam. What is Psychology? Study of the psyche Textbook: Study of mind, brain, behavior Levels of Explanation Social: Cultural influences Individual: Behavioral and Mental Biological: Molecular, Nuerochemical and Neurological/physiological Psychology (Individual behavior, mental processes, brain) Overlap between Social and Natural Sciences What is science? Science is an approach to finding and interpreting evidence Psuedoscience is a set of claims that seems scientific but isn’t Popular Psychology is a network of readily available information about human behavior Six Principles of Scientific Inquiry
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (if you claim bigfoot is real, must have more than blurry photos) 2. For a claim to be meaningful, it must be falsifiable (must be able to be disproved) 3. Occam’s Razor: If two hypotheses explain a phenomenon, select the simpler one 4. A finding must be capable of being replicated (a study and its findings must be able to be replicated step by step) 5. Do more research until alternate hypotheses can be ruled out (placebo effect) 6. Correlation does not equal causation (two events happening at same time does not mean that one is causing the other) My GOAL in this class is to ‘Think Scientifically’ Become aware of your biases and think in a way that minimizes errors Who are psychologists? What do they do? Basic research: Examines how the mind works Applied research: Uses the basic research in the real world...
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27 - 1 Extraordinary claims require extraordinary...

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