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-1 Act 4, Scene 1 1. Juliet’s state of mind during the conversation with the friar was suicidal. She is going crazy. Her husband has been exiled from Verona, her cousin is dead, and she has to marry Paris if she wants to be part of the family. 2. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a special potion that he had in his possession. The potion makes it so it looks like a person is dead. Juliet would take it and then, after being pronounced dead, would be taken to the burial vault where Romeo will come and get her and take her away. 3. He could have told her to just marry Paris and face the reality that women don’t have
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Unformatted text preview: any say or power in anything except for their servants, nurse, and their clothes they want to wear. Act 4, Scenes 2-3 1. She finally tells herself that it is her last resort. She needs to see Romeo and she doesnt want to marry Paris. I do think her deceit was justified because she should be able to make her own decisions. 2. She didnt want Tybalts spirit to kill her in the tomb. She didnt want to suffocate in the tomb. She didnt want make herself go crazy by seeing Tybalt lying in the tomb. She didnt want Romeo to forget and not get her....
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