Film-tech - Technological Advances in Early Film Cameron...

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Cameron Palmer Intro to Film Studies October 18, 2010 Much technological advancement in the 19 th century in the film industry by some of the most intelligent men in the business led to the explosion of the Film Industry in the 1920’s and 1930’s . It all started with the idea of photography, the act of guiding light onto a sensitive surface . This idea slowly moved towards motion picture with the idea of many different photos’ being shown in succession . Then breakthroughs by Thomas Edison and his assistant gave the potential industry what it needed to explode, and explode it did . Much other advancement came in with color and sound . There was no one person responsible for the development of the technology involved with film, but it was a remarkable effort among many people in the world . The idea of motion picture could not have started without the idea of photography . Photography started with the idea of a pinhole camera, first discovered over 1000 years ago by Alhazen . Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first photograph in the world in 1827 and after 12 years of hard work unveiled the first efficient camera, the daguerreotype . This breakthrough in photography allowed imaginations of inventors all over the world to envision moving pictures . Another great invention that aided the explosion of the film industry was the film that was flexible enough to be rolled . This invention by George Eastman in 1889 allowed cameras to be taken to places where studios could not . This film would be the base for what was used in theatres for years to come . i
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Film-tech - Technological Advances in Early Film Cameron...

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