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ANT2+Syllabus_June20101-1 - Anthropology 2 A A Yengoyan...

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Anthropology 2 Intro. To Cultural Anthropology A. A. Yengoyan Office: 226 Young Hall Fall Quarter, 2010 Handout Number 1 This course is designed to survey the major ethnographic, institutional, and theoretical concepts which are the basis of cultural anthropology. Through the analysis of cultural diversity, the scope of our subject matter will be devoted to understanding what cultural anthropology can contribute to our human past as it related to contemporary social and cultural problems. By focusing on some aspects of the present, we will attempt to interpret issues of racism, class structure, gender and inequality. Required Reading: all of the readings are in paperback. The textbook for this course is: Investigating Culture: By Carol Delaney. Blackwell Publ., paper, 2004 Other Required Readings are: Coetzee, J. M. Waiting for the Barbarians , 1980, Penguin Books. This is a novel about colonialism and racism in South Africa. In the lecture outline referred to as Coetzee. Murphy, Yolanda and Robert F. Women of the Forest (Second edition). Columbia University Press, 1985. A description of gender roles and social structure in the Amazon of central Brazil. In the lecture outline referred to as Murphy. Orwell, George. The following three articles by Orwell are all required. They have been xeroxed and can be purchased at Davis Copy Shop on 3 rd Street. The articles have been duplicated on two sides of the sheet to cut cost. Ask for the course pack for Anthropology 2.
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