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038903fa8cbf6f2408a967784de17e3fdfce38a2.xls Page 1 Template for Calibration of Pipet Enter your name and your TA's name in cells F13 and F14, respectively. Enter the temperature, the density at the temperature, and the correction factor at the temperature in the range B13:B15. The density and the correction factor (corrected volume of 1 g) for various temperatures are given in your laboratory manual. Then, enter the data for the masses in A20:B28 (maximum of nine determinations). The mass of water delivered is given in column D. The volume of water obtained from just its density is calculated in column E, and the volume from density and buoyancy effects is calculated in column F. Averages and standard deviations occur in E30:F31. The mean volume delivered by your pipet, corrected for temperature and buoyancy, is in cell F31. Temp = 24 Name = Density = 1 TA = CorrFac = 1 Mass Mass Mass Vol in mL Vol in mL Before After of from from Density Delivery Delivery Water Density 100.8300 125.7500 24.9200
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PIPETS-1 - 038903fa8cbf6f2408a967784de17e3fdfce38a2.xls A 1...

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