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Midterm+Study+Guide - Sue Beckham article(in textbook...

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Study Guide (General topics to know to for ANT2 Midterm Fall 2010) Make sure to bring a Bluebook to the test, and to be on time. The test will begin promptly at 1:40pm, Tuesday, November 2. There are no make-ups for the midterm . Edward Tylor’s definition of culture Relativism Universalism Ethnography Marxist terms (all) Ideology Culture Theories of language Shakespeare in the bush (in textbook)
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Unformatted text preview: Sue Beckham article (in textbook) Johannes Fabian (in textbook) Marshall Sahlins (in textbook) Women of the Forest (all) Time and Space Emic vs. Etic Cultural aesthetics Noam Chomsky’s theory of linguistics De Saussure’s theory of linguistics Polity: Societas and Civitas British vs. American anthropology Biological Logic and Mental Logic Weber’s Protestant Work Ethic (pg. 79 in Delaney)...
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