[For Exam 4] - [Spring 2010] - [Jesse]

[For Exam 4] - [Spring 2010] - [Jesse] - ELECTORAL COLLEGE...

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ELECTORAL COLLEGE Each State gets at least 3 electoral votes, extra votes based on population PRIMARY ELECTIONS nominating process; in the 1800s there were nominating conventions in which party elite chose the nominees SUPERDELEGATES Class of people automatically chosen by the party as delegates to go to the national convention; Obama and Clinton were running such a close race that it came down to the number of superdelegates in their favor; Obama could have won the primaries, but lost b/c the party leaders could have swung all the supedelegate votes to Clinton FECA limits donations to presidential campaigns MATCHING FUNDS Candidates are allowed to raise max amount of money before they join a matching fund to double their funds, but matching funds require candidates to agree to spending limits and disclosure rules so Candidates often deny matching funds to avoid the regulations STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Primaries stretch over weeks and weeks. States with earlier primaries receive a great deal of campaign attention and basically decide which candidates will win the primaries overall. GENERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN FINANCING SYSTEM Check-box under taxes: “do you want to donate $3 to presidential campaign fund?” Any presidential candidate who receives enough support can accept public funding, but if candidate accepts public funding, he/she must abide by rules and regulations. Obama didn’t accept public funding and unlimited amounts of money. McCain accepted public funding. SOFT MONEY Given to organizations, goes into election but not directly given to candidate; 527s spend money advertising for candidates and generally are not as regulated as explicit campaign ads ELECTRONIC MEDIA largest expenditure: television ads shown mostly in battleground states CONTENT OF ADVERTISING Negative ads have increased because research has shown that negative advertising works. Ads have become more policy oriented. JESSE HELM’S “HANDS” AD Points: opposed affirmative action; white candidate vs. black candidate; racialized candidate race; affirmative action is a controversial policy and can be used as a campaign issue WILLIE HORTON POLITICAL AD 1988 Prisoners allowed to leave prison for weekend-policy in effect during Dukakis’ governor term. Willie Horton was let out during weekend and committed a crime. The ad painted Dukakis as weak on crime. Willie Horton was an African American and some argued that the ad was trying to scare white middle class voters. HERALD FORD SENATE CAMPAIGN AD Black man running for senator in Tennessee went to superbowl party at playboy mansion b/c he likes girls and football; Ford’s ad slogan: “it’s just not right.” racializing politics? PRESIDENTIAL PREDICTION MARKETS
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[For Exam 4] - [Spring 2010] - [Jesse] - ELECTORAL COLLEGE...

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