ANT 301 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1 Darwin's Postulates 1)...

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Chapter 1 Darwin's Postulates 1) ability of a population to expand is infinite, but ability to support populations is finite (struggle for existence) 2) variation in populations 3) variation is inherited Natural selection- evolution by variation and selective retention, results from competition among individuals not among species Morphology- an organism's size, shape, and composition Stabilizing equilibrium- process that produces an equilibrium within a populations Essentialism- pre-Darwinian view Species- dynamic population of individuals Individual selection -selection produces adaptations that benefit individuals but may not benefit the population -selection often leads to changes in behavior that inc. the reprod.success of individuals but decrease the average reprod.success of the population -fecundity- ability to produce offspring -Continuous variation- ex., distr. Of heights , essential for the evolution of complex adaptations -discontinuous variation- no intermediates -achondroplasia- causes affected individuals to be much shorter than other people -intermediate steps are favored by selection -placental mammals- nourish their young in the uterus during long pregnancies
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ANT 301 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1 Darwin's Postulates 1)...

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