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Notes 10/12/09 Primate Behavior -primates are social -higher parental investment in offspring -encephelization -bony structure inside the skull (post orbital bar) Primate Social systems -they all sit together in super groups Why do primates live in groups? Pros Defend food resources Predation defense Access to mates Help in rearing offspring The diffusion phonemona Cons Diseases Sharing food with group members Social diseases (infanticide, incest, cannibalism, etc) Resource Defense Large primate groups can discplace smaller groups from feeding resources
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Unformatted text preview: works when resources are:-valuable-clumped-concentrated Predation Defense Predation is more important than food defense-detection-deterrence- deterring predators-diffusion Scramble competition resources are widely distributed no monopolozation Contest competition resources are concentrated Dominance Hierarchies 1. within-group competition >> between-group competition, female philopatry, strong dominance hierarchies 2. within-group competition << between-group competition, female philopatry, weak dominance hierarchies...
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