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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3 pg. 48-Nonpolar side groups are hydrophobic-Amino acids with polar or charged side chains interact readily with water and are hydrophilic (dissolve in water easily)-the nature of the side chain influences amino acids' chemical reactivity AND the solubility of amino acids. Some amino acids contain side chains consisting entirely of carbon and hydrogen atoms and these R-groups rarely participate in reactions. Thus, the chemical behavior of these acids depends primarily on their size and shape rather than reactivity. In contrast, amino acids that have hydroxyl, amino, carboxyl, or sulfhydryl functional groups in their side chains are more reactive Isomers (molecules with the same molecular formula) 1. Structural isomers- have the same atoms but differ in the order in which covalently bonded atoms are attached 2. geometric isomers- same atoms, but differ in the arrangement of atoms/groups on either side of a double bond or ring structure 3. optical isomers- same atoms, but differ in the arrangement of atoms or groups around a carbon atom 3....
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