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I, Claudius “Waiting in the Wings” Nick Deckard and Mike Sestrich Characters Claudius : Claudius, the narrator, appears in the flashbacks throughout the episode. His disabilities are easily seen and we also begin to see why he dislikes Livia. Augustus : The Roman emperor is faced with many tough decisions in this episode. He exiles his daughter, Julia, and names Tiberius his successor after inviting him back to Rome. Livia : Livia continues to intervene in the lives of those around her and her previous actions are beginning to pay off. Tiberius : Tiberius returns to Rome and Augustus decides to leave the past in the past and names Tiberus as the heir to the Empire. Julia : Julia gets involved with one of Lucius’ friends, who follows her around and records all of her affairs with other men. Her father exiles her when he sees the long list of names. Antonia : Antonia displays her dislike for and annoyance with Claudius. It is clear that he is her least favorite child. Lucius : Lucius presents the list of Julia’s men to Augustus and is thanked. He dies while fishing with his friend when the boat capsizes. Plautius : Plautius is Lucius’s best friend and is intimate with Julia as well. Germanicus : Germanicus is the son of Antonia and the late Drusus. He is the brother of Livilla and Claudius and there is speculation that he will later marry Agrippina. Agrippina : Agrippina is Julia’s daughter and there is speculation that she will later marry Germanicus. Postumus : Postumus is the last surviving son of Julia and Agrippa. He is very upset by the deaths of his brothers, Lucius and Gaius. Drusus “Castor”: Castor, as he is referred to, is the son of Tiberius. There is speculation that he will later marry Livilla. Livilla : Livilla is the sister of Germanicus and Claudius. There is speculation that she will marry Castor. Herod Agrippa : Herod is Claudius’ friend who was sent to Rome to be educated. He already possesses thorough knowledge of the imperial family and he makes quite an impression on Julia and Antonia. Summary The episode begins with Claudius searching frantically for a letter that Livia wrote to Tiberius after Gaius mysteriously died. In the letter, Livia states that Augustus has not forgiven Tiberius for what he did to Julia. According to the messenger, Augustus has taken Gaius’ death very hard and has appointed Lucius to lead the army.
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Back in Rome, Julia and Antonia sit around talking about buying slaves. When Antonia asks Julia is she buys her own slaves, Julia responds by saying that she used to when she lived with Tiberius and she always bought good looking male slaves. She did
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claudius studyguide - I Claudius"Waiting in the Wings Nick...

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