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Doc Lecture 02.03.2010 - LECTURE, FEB. 3, 2010 Jim Crow;...

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LECTURE, FEB. 3, 2010 Jim Crow; police power; Public Accommodations; state or government action; poll tax; literacy tests; NAACP; stigmatic injury; inherency *FOCUS on Plessey & Ferguson law case, Dred Scott law case, and Brown v. Board of Education MON: tensions in American society that are managed for decades; after the assassin in President Kennedy. 1960: students deciding to protest, results in an upheaval in every aspect of life (political, social, economical, private life) *Focus on liberal consensus (US had an act of aggressive play in the international stage) (capitalism is a mess in the 1920s and 30s.) Prosperity: gross inequality -Upheaval in the 60s: there was a consensus during this period, and from whom did the dis- consensus exist and about what? Late 40s and 50s, Cold War . There’s a standoff between S.U and U.S gives rise to McCarthyism. (fear of communism) Middle to end of 50s: 1) “Sputnick” being launched (tin can). Oct. 1957: freaks out the US. First object to orbit the earth. The SU sends a dog. Then the SU sends s spacecraft. This is freaky because you can now have men now orbiting the Earth; imagination of SU sending men to orbit the Earth is astounding. 2) US 1954; Brown v Board of Education (huge upheaval) landmark decision; Overturns state laws (separate but equal are UNEQUAL. Plessey
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Doc Lecture 02.03.2010 - LECTURE, FEB. 3, 2010 Jim Crow;...

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