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Doc Lecture 01.15.2010

Doc Lecture 01.15.2010 - LECTURE JAN 20 2010 Separate but...

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LECTURE, JAN. 20, 2010 Separate but equal separate race (white & black) but given equal access; goes against equal protection law 14 th Amendment: due process and equal protection clause; of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; of all people ethical likeness. Separate people hierarchy comes in. White declaration of Independence not intellectual and more effective because it was appealing to emotions. Tocqueville: centralization problematic -people invested, concerned, and involved -not really need centralized government -maybe local; administrations can be just as strong as have a dominant centralized government Individuality: Locke: God to individuals is directly against the idea of reaching for community GOD SUBJECTS Ethical likeness racial hierarchy minorities cannot decide Aristotle--<whom have the same rights, privileges, etc Men, women, animals (ethically alike to each other (humans) but not in the winning rank. “We” community “we the people” who is the “we” that gets constituted through the document??
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  • Fall '08
  • Lee
  • Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, centralized government, centralized government Individuality, factions Majority factions

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