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Doc Lecture 01.13.2010 - LECTURE, JAN. 13, 2010 KEY TERMS:...

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LECTURE, JAN. 13, 2010 KEY TERMS: liberalism; popular sovereignty; franchise; legislature; articles of confederation; federalists; anti- federalists; natural aristocracy; cultivated gentleman; ambition; republican; separation of powers; covenant; faction; judicial review; common law; statutes; precedent; federalism; supremacy clause Contract Theory; 17 th 18 th century: subjects (citizens) individuals notion of freedom as embeddedness: duties and responsibilities that we have. (Greek) Locke: contract and the consent of the governed. -It’s the well being of the individual. We are born rational, calculating, self- interested, acquisitive, choice-making, and thus beings capable of consent. Back to back: Face to face: You must assume others are as self-interested and calculating as you are. We are treating personhood as a property, not as practice (that doesn’t change over time) or process, but something that is inherent. - ethical likeness : we are all alike in “person”, thus have to be protected. DOphin: we are somewhat alike, ethically alike, and therefore, we cant exploit it. -protestant ethic: hard work, Calvinism you must apply yourself and be industrious, and if are successful, that is the sign of your grace. That will tell you something about what your status is.
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Doc Lecture 01.13.2010 - LECTURE, JAN. 13, 2010 KEY TERMS:...

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