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DOC 2 “JUSTICE” General Study Guide (from collective discussion on final section) Sections B 16 DOC 2 Winter 2010 Antonieta Thucydides. Melian Dialogue /Might Makes Right Equal Powers can negotiate, unequal powers cannot. Justice: Substantive vs Procedural MLK and Clergymen . Clergymen tell MLK that his actions are untimely, he responds that people have the moral obligation to disobey unjust laws. Just, and unjust laws . Rooted in morality and natural law. Issue at stake: segregation. Coventant vs Contract. A contract is based on agreement, a covenant is a contract based on trust. (eg. God promising he will not destroy the earth, is a covenant). Locke: Social Contract 1) State of Nature Dangerous because there is no security. Give up certain rights to be protected. Perfect freedom Life, health, liberty, and possessions (property) 2) Property Added labor into anything becomes valuable (things are property) Your rights (liberty, life, happiness) and yourself as a person, also constitute your own property. (inalienable rights, bodily integrity) 3) Political Society written and consensual law known and indifferent judge to decide controversies state right to regulate laws state cannot take away your fundamental rights Locke: Who is an individual? What is Ethical likeness? Declaration of Independence All men created equal “We the people” Who is included in the we? Fundamental rights: Liberty, happiness, life
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14 th amendment Bill of Rights Zone of Privacy James Madison Democracies may turn into confliction “factions”. A good government, should contemplate republicanism, and representation to avoid conflict with factions. James B. White. Law engages in particular reading strategies. Document (the
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