Doc Lecture 03.10.2010

Doc Lecture 03.10.2010 - *LECTURE, MARCH 10, 2010...

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***LECTURE, MARCH 10, 2010 Watergate; war power resolution act freedom of information act; foreign intelligence surveillance act; Geneva convention; prisoner of war; civilian; illegal enemy combatant; NSA; unitary executive; extraordinary rendition; torture Koromatsu: court: need to protect espionage outweighed Koromatsu the equal protection of his liberty only instance where the Supreme Court has looked at life, liberty and property and said that the state’s interest the state’s interest the individual’s claim of life, liberty. (Serious ; 9/11) Justice Black: the government’s right to relocate citizens in the phase of war time emergency: removal of individuals of enemy ancestry- Supreme Court deals with: yes you can deprive of liberty but can you go far enough to imprison them: we will not go to that issue a state of Marshall law hasn’t been declared that the government can have imprisonment camps. Ex. Guantanamo Bay: raises issue of
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Doc Lecture 03.10.2010 - *LECTURE, MARCH 10, 2010...

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