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Doc Lecture 03.05.2010

Doc Lecture 03.05.2010 - Communities must self-regulate not...

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Monday-Korematsu v. United States; Danner pp. 26-52 Wednesday-Bybee in Danner pp115-156 __________________________________________________________________________ Race is a social practice of meaning Race is a collection of meanings that we read-color is a story of meaning Social assumptions about racial social meanings Typication-understanding particular things by type-put objects and individuals into categories Types-> Stereotypes Stereotype visible, recognizable, general, types and naturalize it for each category Organize people against the norm Cannot see the world without a system of classification, without having a social location ~Lawrence will be on exam~ States can’t impeach law against freedom of speech, especially after World War II
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Unformatted text preview: Communities must self-regulate, not the job of government to regulate individuals Free Speech, up to provocative response, is protected, BUT intent is very important. Intention to provoke is not protected. But question-is right protected when it is provocative, but wasn’t intent to provoke. Hate speech has everything to do with INTENT. Matters look very different in each social location First Amendment fails to take in consideration of influence of social location Segregation was meant to stigmatize and demean-conveys, enforces an idea Racial speech, expression as a result seen as physical assault...
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