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Doc Lecture 03.03.2010 - *LECTURE 2 READINGS IN DOC WEBSITE...

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***LECTURE, MARCH 03, 2010 2 READINGS IN DOC WEBSITE: some questions on the final that deals with these readings : Readings deal with cultural and constitutional Cultural, institutional, constitutional Thematically these are related in politics of representation containment and management of racial differences Cultural struggles and negotiations ex. Women sex drives: discussion about difference -often these discussions happen in courts, Congress, and entertainment venues. What is institutional racism: political racism: civil rights movement racism- ideology, a constitutive and exclusionary set of practices the biological argument of race emerges with Aristotle : nothing in nature is frivolous, everything has a purpose, it is a purpose for some rule and for some to be enslaved. People find their place in the world, where they should be (some people are muscular, and are by nature slaves) the biological argument emerges into modern science, eugenics: what’s the root of difference: the size of brain. **Racism 1) racism as a system of discourse, representation, meanings: color means/signify something. Color is a social practice, like gender These meanings, we read. Skin tells a story. Skin has a history. Race bears meanings and particular history of meanings.
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Doc Lecture 03.03.2010 - *LECTURE 2 READINGS IN DOC WEBSITE...

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