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Doc Lecture 02.17.2010 - LECTURE, FEB. 17, 2010 -The...

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LECTURE, FEB. 17, 2010 -The student protests represented the postwar American culture (1945). (Resistance to the culture) -this manifested in the provocation of individual rights individuality. Griswold v. Connecticut : the means of birth control: levels of estrogen were so high so it was basically, poison. (They used it for pleasure). : Yes to sex was no to power- sex was transgressive; you sneak away and do it. (Conversation was avoided and private). : Unmarried males could have sex if they could get it; unmarried females were seen as immoral and slutty; were scorned, neurotic (oversexed) to protect the importance of the nuclear family : Question: does the constitution protect the right to marital privacy on state restrictions on couple’s ability to use contraception: though the constitution doesn’t protect the general right to privacy, the BOR had penumbras that established the right to privacy; first, third, fourth, and ninth creates a new constitutional to marital privacy. : Up onto this point, the court doesn’t articulate the notion of marital privacy
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Doc Lecture 02.17.2010 - LECTURE, FEB. 17, 2010 -The...

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