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Doc Lecture 02.12.2010

Doc Lecture 02.12.2010 - Kerr doesn’t understand what the...

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Civil Rights Movement challenged the assumption that the American institutions actually work Student Anti-War Movement challenged American politics-foreign policy Eisenhower-growth of “military industrial complex”-a big part of money goes to the military-> $604 billion spent on the military does not include supplemental funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; all phases of life sustain military University of California, Clark Kerr-> we’ll support you for your education now, but later you pay taxes-this covenant broken; was a labor negotiator; let every universities become self- governments rather than one person ruling over all the universities University was no longer the city on a hall, but integrated society for growth of knowledge
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Unformatted text preview: Kerr doesn’t understand what the students are trying to put forward Cohen v. O’Brien • Cohen was arrested for offensive conduct by an officer in the court room • Cohen wore jacket to express his feelings for the Vietnam War and about the draft • Cohen stated that his right to freedom of expression of 1 st amendment was violated • Supreme Court ruled in his favor 5:4 • Court stated that a speaker cannot be silenced because the audience finds it offensive 1968-democratic national convention-assassination of MLK & 2 months after senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated 1970-Kent State shooting also known as Kent-State Massacre-National Guard killed unarmed students-police power of states turn against the citizens...
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Doc Lecture 02.12.2010 - Kerr doesn’t understand what the...

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