Jan. 11, 2010 Lecture

Jan. 11, 2010 Lecture - Johnson Reed Act of 1924 TIMELINE...

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LECTURE: Monday, JAN .11, 2010 Modern Nation State : a political construction, a historical product. (EX) Westphalia. It has firm boundaries and sovereignty (Free from the rule of others outside of those boundaries.) - State refers to an administrative system. - peace of Westphalia 1648 -set imaginary lines around territories, created the idea of borders. - Westphalian system of states : the right to self rule sovereignty of states. - 19 th Century nationalism: -Nation: 18 and early 19 th century, nation, race, and people were understood as different terms for the same thing. States should correspond with nations. -By opening and closing borders, the US has the power to define who is and who isn’t a US citizen. Racial formation and identity; the terms (have history) we assign and identity in race have meanings. Immigration peaks in the 1900s and instant decline afterwards. (if we do the reading, we know why) Leading up to 1924 -key concepts:
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Unformatted text preview: Johnson Reed Act of 1924 TIMELINE 1790: Congress restricted citizenship to “white persons”. They become an important legistlative that decide who can become a citizen and who cant 1857: Dred Scott Case: He moved from a slave state to a free state. OUTCOME: He couldn’t become a citizen 1861-1865: US Civil War 1865-1920:immigration trends shifted from Western Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands) to Southern and Eastern Europe (Italy, Poland, the Balkan states). This trend alarmed and threatened the OG Protestant Americans 1913: Alien land law in CA; Farmers were disenfranchised because of their citizenship 1924-1952: people ineligible for citizenship couldn’t enter US. (Native Americans weren’t allowed to become citizenships in the US. 1931: women who married men ineligible for citizenship couldn’t naturalize women who married those men anyways were stripped of citizenship...
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  • Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, modern nation state, -19th Century nationalism, 1648-set imaginary lines

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Jan. 11, 2010 Lecture - Johnson Reed Act of 1924 TIMELINE...

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