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Jan. 08, 2010 Lecture - -immigrant : alien who comes across...

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Friday, Jan 08, 2010 Review: Whiteness-fitness for self-government. -Whiteness, capitalism (labor and immigration), and the nation -Immigration of Irish is because of labor demands and etc, (I.S delineates immigration that’s allowed by the government, and those who are coming to fill needs that are desirable and able to fill in their needs) -US wants cheap labor, but doesn’t want their future, the people, their families. -There are issues of lack of documentation of illegal immigrants in the US. - Immigration and citizenship -alien : refers to that which belongs to another person or place. In the US law, it means someone is unlawfully present, as the lack of requisite documents, or as the result of change in status due to a deportable crime. -Illegal aliens are wanted in labor but not them in person, nor their families.
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Unformatted text preview: -immigrant : alien who comes across borders for permanent settlement.-alien citizen , Mae argues that processes of racial formation have produced some groups as permanently foreign and unassailable to the nation. Despite their US citizenship, they remain alien in the eyes of the nation (8). -Some level of assimilation is still expected, but the question is what are people expected to assimilate to? Where did it come from? this changes over time. -American exceptionalism: we are a country of immigrants. Timeline: 1600-1875, open immigration policy, gold rush intrigued immigrants, but as gold was running out, people blamed the Chinese 1882, Chinese Exclusion Act 1917, Congress created barred Asiatic zone 1924. Johnson-Reed Immigration Act. (Asian Immigration Act)...
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Jan. 08, 2010 Lecture - -immigrant : alien who comes across...

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