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ethnic discussion 02-12 - Copy - 5pm PROMPT DUE 22nd MONDAY...

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Unformatted text preview: 02/12/2010 5pm. PROMPT: DUE 22nd, MONDAY. P66. P28. White women; single mothers DO I M M IGRANTS DRAIN THE ECONOMY OR DO THEY ADD TO IT? -They contribute (taxes) -That they are draining the economy are just myths- reading debunk these myths. St ructural developments and employment patterns i n the late 20th century: deregulation of major sectors of the economy and cutbacks in federal social spending under t he presidencies of Reagan and his successors aren’t hand in hand with a r ise in plant closures and outsourcing. -employments pattern correlate to the global market. Global markets are connected to the local markets. (Deregulation) A lot of immigrants are t rying to fill the secondary labor market; easy to exploit. Works that are underpaid, dangerous, etc (secondary labor market) Therefore, our economy benefits a great deal by doing the work that people don’t want to do (domestic, cleaning, agricultural). NAFTA -Common sense racism, policies: policies that are embedded in race. ...
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