Ch22Quiz - 1. The Fauvist movement was named by an art...

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1. The Fauvist movement was named by an art critic who called the artists fauves , or wild beasts, for their simplified designs and shockingly bright colors. (Points :1) True False 2. Max Ernst was the of the German Expressionist movement Die Brücke. (Points :1) True False 3. The German Expressionist movement Der Blaue Reiter was whimsically named for its founding members' interest in the color blue and horses. (Points :1) True False 4. Picasso's portrait of author Gertrude Stein was completed in a relatively short time. (Points :1) True False 5. Cubists embraced pictorial illusionism to reproduce the conventionally perceived world. (Points :1) True False 6. Charles Edouard Jeanneret is best known for founding the Purist movement. (Points :1) True False 7. Marcel Duchamp utilized found objects as ready-made sculpture in the Dada movement. (Points :1) True False 8. A group of New York artist originally known as The Eight eventually became known as the Trashcan School. (Points :1) True False 9. The original Armory Show occurred in 1903 and exposed European art and styles to America. (Points :1) True False
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10. American artist Man Ray was trained as an architectural draughtsman and engineer. (Points :1) True False 11. Precisionism demonstrated American interest in Cubist abstraction. (Points :1) True False 12. Georgia O'Keeffe accomplished a majority of her art in New York. (Points :1) True False 13. Max Beckmann depicted his own family, including himself, as victims of atrocities of war in his painting Night . (Points :1) True False 14. The dominant motivation of Surrealism is to bring the aspects of outer and inner reality into a single position. (Points :1)
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Ch22Quiz - 1. The Fauvist movement was named by an art...

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