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UNIT 3 Ancient Greece Some scholars consider the Greeks to be the founders of Western Civilization. They made critical advancements in philosophy, art, forms of government and science. Greek civilization gives us the father of tragedy, medicine, history and philosophy. During the 13 th and 14 th century, their way of life was “rediscovered” during the Renaissance, which we will discuss in detail at the end of the semester. We will spend the next two weeks examining Greek civilization and its contributions to our own world. The Greeks had an unshakable belief in the worth of the individual. We, as humans, are the most important things on earth. We (not the Gods) shape our own destinies. Greeks downplayed religion more than the previous groups we have discussed, although they were by no means secular. Greek civilization produced the first Great epic poet, Homer Greek legend has it that Homer was a blind bard. We don’t know much about Homer, or even if there ever was a person named Homer. Some scholars believe that his works, the Iliad and Odyssey, were written by a collection of people over a longer period of time. The Iliad and Odyssey are written in two different styles, leading some scholars to assert multiple authors. Our best guess is that they were written between 600 - 800 BC (at roughly the same time as the Hebrew Bible). Homer’s works are sometimes considered to be the Bible of ancient Greece - All Greeks knew Homer’s stories. Just like the Hebrew Bible is the history of the Jews, the Iliad tells the history of Greeks The Iliad is a story about a great Greek warrior named Achilles. It takes place during the Trojan War, a war between the Greeks and Trojans in the 13 th century BC The King of the Greeks, Agamemnon insults Achilles because he is jealous of Achilles’ success. Achilles says he will no longer fight and he gives his armor and his place in battle to his friend, Patroclus But Patroclus is killed in battle by Hector and Achilles blames himself. Feeling that he must avenge his friend’s death, Achilles chooses to live the life of a warrior (what at the time was considered to be the brave and noble choice). He kills Hector and ravages his body. The story ends with the funeral of Hector. The Odyssey is a story about a hero named Odysseus and his adventures during his return from the Trojan War. Believing him to be dead, a band of aggressive suitors pursue his wife, Penelope. But with the help of the Gods, Odysseus returns to his native Ithaca and reclaims his wife. The
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U3Notes - UNIT 3 Ancient Greece Some scholars consider the...

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