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November 11 - communication Individual versus the group...

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November 11, 2010 Social Interactions in the Modern World Nature of Groups Role of communication Dunbar – in order to live successfully in social hierarchy, you must be able to differentiate friends from enemies. Monkeys groom one another. They do so to maintain connections among themselves. Humans can form larger cohesive social groups through the use of language. Gossip – crucial to maintaining social bonds. On Facebook, people fulfill basic social needs by “checking in” with friends. Could be with wall posts, messages, chat, etc. Evolution from tribes to networks Neanderthals didn’t have much social change through their lifetimes, even over generations. Homo sapiens developed groups differently and experienced a lot more change. Up until written language, all communication was face to face. Now, we have countless social media outlets and means of
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Unformatted text preview: communication. Individual versus the group Brainstorming When individuals work together, they sometimes are inhibited and do not voice their ideas. Brainstorming works best when people work individually first. The dawn of social media Google thinking “tagging” email into multiple categories, or grouping friends in certain categories. Google search and the flu Possible to regionally locate where the flu will outbreak based on searches. Facebook and identity We are able to segregate ourselves more than ever. More specialization. Started with hunter-gatherers, then industrial revolution, and now social networks. Social networks allow more integration, which is a healthy thing. Twitter and social movements IM Group Processes...
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November 11 - communication Individual versus the group...

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