August 27 - Clinical psychopath no empathy Clinical...

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August 27, 2010 What does it mean to approach a research question from a social psychological perspective? “Systematic Study” of Human Social Behavior: Agreed-upon methods of study Specific goals: describe, explain, predict, apply Generally: What is the NATURE of social behavior? What CAUSES it? How can it be generalized? Questions about social behavior can be considered at many levels. Units of analysis What is one trying to explain? What’s the target? Person Dyad/small group Large group Levels of analysis How is it explained? Individual factors Something about an interpersonal relationship Group factors Combination of the above Columbine shootings Individual factors Possible personality disorder
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Unformatted text preview: Clinical psychopath no empathy Clinical depression Genetics Group factors Gun laws Decline of religious influences Living in SW USA Moral disintegration Interpersonal factors Bullied, misunderstood, alienated Violent video games Marilyn Manson Desire to feel powerful Trench coat mafia Parenting Predicting a class of behaviors is completely different from predicting a single act Need systematic method of inquiry Begin with theory Theories organize/explain phenomena Range varies Allows prediction: if a holds, then x will occur. Theoretical Perspectives Factors...
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August 27 - Clinical psychopath no empathy Clinical...

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