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Calc III Ch12 Notes_Part10

Calc III Ch12 Notes_Part10 - 12.4 4 Tangent Vectors and...

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Unformatted text preview: 12.4 4 Tangent Vectors and Normal Vectors Based on the last section, how should we define the unit tangent vector? T(t)= fl :2 ll Hit)” . . I What is necessary for the tangent vector to ex1st? “f (15' ) H ii 0 How do we know this is satisfied for a specific vector function? fowl/7" Ex: Find the unit tangent vector: r(t)=3ti+t2j ‘ ‘ r(t)=costi+23intj+k VG); 5‘”th r’(e)' «fi/A/éd‘ +Zco>t J' +ole I :UNW T I! We)“ = . r‘ / ,. Ex: P864#28 C' L ” of ""W W“ ...
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