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Calc III Ch14 Notes_Part3

Calc III Ch14 Notes_Part3 - Option 2 Draw a" horizontal...

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Unformatted text preview: Option 2: Draw a" horizontal rectangle 1. Order of integration is AX d g 2'. Inside limits are the game/— /{Z Z at mg of the rectangle to the (fig f él Z, 2 at the right of the rectangle. 3. Outer limits are the Mantra values of smallest y to largest y Ex: Find the area of the region bounded by y = x2,x : 3, and y=0. NOTE: Often both options are possible, but usually one is significantly easier. it Ex: a. Sketch the region whose area is calculated by E ff dydx . b. Find this area using the elbow integral. .X “\ \\ q "x “EH—a.“ “'"—'--—_.__ 46 a M [/0 PP l 6 ll c. Reverse the order of lintegrafi Va f5 j A 1 Al ? s : {z 0 0 U61— g K (1. Show that this integral results in the same answer as above. 3 z _3 L x1? =9 Jig—3(8): ...
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