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1. Cleaning, Conditioning, Writing, Developing, Transferring, Fusing 2. 1200 – Because dpi is a measure of density and the higher the density the more quality the image will appear on paper. 3. USB 4. CIS, CCD 5. ECP, Bidirectional 6. A higher electrical charge prevents the toner from sticking to the drum on areas where it should not be. 7. Black ink is less expensive than color, so if you can replace only a black cartridge, you will save money by not having to replace any color ink. 8. PhotoREt II Color Technology 9. Use the cleaning utility to clean the nozzles. 10. Keep it as cool as possible and allow it time to cool down after a 50-75 page print
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Unformatted text preview: job. 11. Lower the print quality and add more memory. 12. Slow printing 13. File and Printer Sharing – Client for Microsoft Networks 14. Right click on the printer icon, select properties, sharing, and Share this Printer 15. Run the driver CD on your computer or allow the PC attached locally to the printer to install the drivers on your PC. 16. Adobe Systems, HP 17. Printer, Application, Cable, OS printer drivers 18. By ensuring you can print a test page directly from the print device. 19. Check it with a multimeter. 20. They will dry out....
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