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Electronic Labs_117

Electronic Labs_117 - Binary Logic Gates CHAPTER 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Binary Logic Gates CHAPTER 3 3-inputAND gate Fig. 3‘20 Substituting NAND gates. gates would be wired to perform the logic function. The chart in Fig. 3-20 need not be memorized. but it may he referred to as needed in your future work in digital elec- tronics. 3-9 GATES WITH MORE INPUTS Until now we have used gates that have had only two or less inputs. But often we shall need gates with more than iust two inputs. Figure 3-21tal shows a 3-input AND gate. The Boolean expression For the 3-input AND gate is A -B -C = Y, as illustrated in Fig. 3-21(b). All the possible combinations of inputs A, B, and C are given in the truth table in Fig. 3-21(c); the outputs for the 3-input AND gate are tabulated in the right column of the truth table. Notice that with three inputs the possible combinations in the truth table have increased to eight. How could you produce a 3-input AND gate as illustrated in Fig. 3-21 if you have only 2-input AND gates available? The solution is given in Fig. 3-2.2(a). Note the wiring of the 2-input AND gates on the right side of the dia- gram to form a 3-input AND gate. Figure 17 ...
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