February 22 - OH H3O Acid base base acid 1.0 10 ^-14 =K...

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February 22 nd , 2010 Conjugate pairs differ by only 1 H+ CH3COOH CH3COO- Acetic acid acetate (base) NH3 NH4 Amphiteric/amphiprotic species – both acid AND base HSO4 SO4 Acid base Monoprotic acids HA <-> H+ + A- Water is amphiteric H2O + H2O 
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Unformatted text preview: OH + H3O Acid base base acid 1.0 * 10 ^ (-14) =K = [H3O][OH] Ionization constant for water K w = [H+][OH-] What range of concentration are possible in Kw = [CH-][H+] Mix a concentrated acid, the hiesth I can get 14 = pH + pOH...
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