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March 5 th Fraction of Species Example diprotic acid= H 2 A 3 species : H2A HA - A 2- K a1 K a2 f H2A = [H2A] / [H2A] + [HA-] + [A2-] Denominator = material balance = total concentration of this species fHA- = [HA-] / [Denominator] fA2- = [A2-] / [Denominator] Ka2 = [H+][A2-] / [HA-] KA2 [HA-] / [HA-] Memorize a ‘special’ polynomial
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Unformatted text preview: For a diprotic- has 2 protons, get a quadratic equation : [H+] 2 (relates to H2A) + Ka1 [H+](relates to HA-) + Ka1Ka2 (relates to A2-) F h2a = [H+] 2 / D We know total concentration of all species. Total concentration = [H2A] + [HA-] + [A2-] [H2A] = f H2A (total concentration)...
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