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Chemistry 302 March 26 th , 2010 Equivalence point: Point in a titration where stoichiometric amounts of an acid and base have been added. End point: Point in a titration where an indicator changes color and tells you to stop titrating Goal: You try to pick an indicator, so that the end point = equivalence point. How do you do this? 1) Figure (calculate) the final pH at equivalence point
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Unformatted text preview: 2) pick an indicator with that pH in the middle of the color change range HA / A-B/BH+ Acid/base base/acid Unionized form neutral or….the ionized form. Polyprotic titrations H3A H2A- HA2- A3-Start, type 1 problem. All you need is Ka1 & [H3A] 1 st off H+ ratio : buffer ratio, H3A/H2A- (Ka1)...
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