Notes 10 27 09 - Kinetic Theory of Gases -Pressure...

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Kinetic Theory of Gases -Pressure -Temperature -Speed -Effusion -Diffusion -Mean Free Path Deviations for Ideal Gas Behavior -IMFs Gas Laws -Boyle's Law -Charles's Law Assumptions -gas particles are far apart, mots of the volume is not occupied, the total volume of the particles is negligible -gas consists of many particles in constant motion. Collisions with other gas particles of the wall create the pressure exerted by the gas -kinetic energy is proportional to temperature. The average kinetic energy of the total sample stays constant but can be redistributed between particles -the interaction between particles is negligible, everything is just bouncing off Pressure -each particle hits with a force, F = m * a when a particle bounces off the YZ wall, this is F = m*a = m* (delta v) / (delta t) = m*2u(sub x)*(u sub x / L) = (m* 2u(sub x)(^2) )/ L where u(sub x) is the average speed in the x direction the TOTAL force exerted on all 6 sides of the cube F = 2*m*(usubx^2 + usuby^2 + usubz ^2) / L = 2*m*u^2*L
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Notes 10 27 09 - Kinetic Theory of Gases -Pressure...

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