Notes 092409 - SCN-Total e needed to fill shells 24 Total...

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Molecular  Structure -Most of the space in an molecule is taken up by electrons -Lone pairs take up more space than bonding pairs -molecular geometry will depend on the electron geometry and the # of non-bonding (lone)  pairs:  0 lone pairs = tetrahedal (109.5 degrees), 1 = trigonal pyramidal (107 degrees), 2 = bent  (104.5 degrees) H2COzz Total e- to fill shells: 20 Total # of valence e-: 12 Total bonding pairs: 4 Stable structure?: Yes H : C : H       :: :(diag) O :(diag) Trigonal Planar Resonant Structures Resonances occur when more than one valid and equivalent Lewis structures can be written  for a particular molecule. The actual structure is not represented by any of the Lewis  structures by the average of them
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Unformatted text preview: SCN-Total e- needed to fill shells: 24 Total # of valence e-: 16 (6 + 4 + 5 + 1) Total # of bonding pairs: 4 Stable structure possible? Yes Central atom: Carbon (it likes to have 4 bonds) (2: diagonal) S :: C :: N (2: diagonal) Formal Charge Formal charge is the charge assigned to an atom in a molecule or polyatomic ion = number of electrons in the free atom-the number of electrons “assigned” to that atom (lone pair electrons + ½ shared pair electrons) S, 6-6 = 0 C, 4-4 = 0 N, 5-6 = -1 E.clouds E.Geometry Bonding Partners Molecular Geometry Bond angle 2 linear 2 linear 180 3 trigonal planar 2 Trig.Planar Bent 120 115 4 tetrahedral 4 Tetrahedral 109.5 3 Trig.Pyramidal 107 2 Bent 104.5...
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Notes 092409 - SCN-Total e needed to fill shells 24 Total...

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