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PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY I - CHEM 301 (TCCN: CHEM 1311) - Fall 2009 Section 53125 meeting in Wel 2.224 on TTh from 8-9:30 Principles of Chemistry I is the first of two semesters of general Chemistry for science and engineering majors. The course consists of three lecture hours a week for one semester. Prerequisite: Credit or co-registration for one of the following: Mathematics 408C, 408D, 408K, 408L, 408M, 427L. Additionally: Successful completion of one year of High School Chemistry is assumed. Instructor: Dr. Carolyn Gondran Wel 4.124 email: [email protected] TA: Pooja Desi Cubicle C email: [email protected] TS: Travis Johnson Cubicle C email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Dr. Gondran 11:00-12:30 10-11:30 11-12:30 10-11:30 by appointment Pooja 4-5 12-1 10-11 Travis 5-6 1-2 Tuesday Evening Review Sessions: Pre-Check Points 9/8 Wel 2.308, 9/29 Wel 2.308, 10/20 Wel 2.308, 11/17 Wel 2.308 Pre-Exam 9/15 Wel 3.503, 10/6 Pai 3.02 11/3 Wel 3.503, 12/1 Wel 3.503 Use of Blackboard for this class For this class I will use Blackboard—a Web-based course management system with password-protected access at —to distribute course materials, to communicate online, and maybe to post grades. You can find support for using Blackboard at the ITS Help Desk at 475-9400, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., please plan accordingly. IMPORTANT: The e-textbook for this course is integrated into the Blackboard course site. COURSE MATERIALS: e-Textbook : Principles of Chemistry CH301 & 302 UT-Austin, Steven S. Zumdahl Houghton Mifflin (2009). PIN access codes can be purchased at the Co-op. They are packaged with a hardcopy gray-scale printout. Students who choose to use another text assume personal responsibility for covering the correct material. I<Clicker: All students must have an i<Clicker brand classroom response device and bring it to class daily. New and used i<Clickers are available at the University Co-Op. Register the i<Clicker number to your name and UTEID at the i<Clicker web site: ALeKS: You will need to purchase an 18 wk ALeKS subscription for the semester. Subscriptions are not available at the University Co-op. They can be purchased online at Our ALeKS course number is PJTDW-VTU3V Non-Graphing Calculator : All students must have a basic or SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR and no more than that for exams. If you don't already have one, consider something like a TI-30xa. No graphing calculators or devices with any other capabilities are allowed during exams.
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ASSESSMENT: Grading - Course grades will be determined according to the following cut-offs (no rounding up): 92-100% = A 90 92% = A- 88 90% = B+ 82 88% = B 80 82% = B- 78 80% = C+ 72 78% = C 70 72%= C- 68
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