January 25 - Amino acids – Peptide bonds Glocuse-glucose...

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Monday, January 25, 2010 Chemical bonds Attraction between atoms – each atom has a full outermost shell at least part of the time. Faciliates a complete outermost cell. Different types of bonds – ionic, covalent, metallic, hydrogen, polar, nonpolar, van der waals Strong bonds- covalent > ionic. Weak bonds- the rest Covalent bonds- sharing equally / unequally. Nonpolar = equal. Polar = inequal + partial charges.
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Unformatted text preview: Amino acids – Peptide bonds Glocuse-glucose – glycosidic bond A-G-C-T/DNA/ RNA : Phosphodiester bond Ionic bond Anion- negatively charged. Cation- positive charged ion Delta EN > 1.7 ionic bond – transfer <1.7 – polar covalent – unequal sharing <0.4 – non-polar covalent bond – sharing =0 – completely non=polar covalent bond Weak Chemical bonds...
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