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Resolution Acceleration Voltage Magnification Spectrometer Illumination System Point - Point: 0.34nm Information Limit: <0.20nm STEM: <1.50nm 40 - 120kV in 20 kV steps TEM: 8 - 630,000x STEM: 50 - 1,000,000x EELS: 20 - 315x Lifetime factory aligned In-column OMEGA type Dispersion: 1.17µm/eV @ 120kV
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Unformatted text preview: Energy resolution: <1.5eV Distortion: <±1.0% Acceptance angle: 80 mrad at DE = ±6eV Isochromaticity: <1.0eV in 2.5cm at final image plane Highly flexible advanced Koehler illumination system LIBRA ® 120 PLUS Basic Specifications...
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