Study guide for first 451 exam

Study guide for first 451 exam - Study Guide 451 Exam 1...

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Study Guide 451 Exam 1 – Fall 2009 – Harms 80 MC/TF Questions Cues we use to initially evaluate and define individuals- Cause-related marketing – 3 questions – marketing that ties a company and its products to an issue or cause with the goal of improving sales or corporate image while providing benefits to the cause. Build long term relationships and corporate brand equity with hope of increasing sales. Appeals to American value of problem solving. Ben and Jerry’s example- help save rainforest. Four consumer types: Skeptic, Balancer, Attribution Oriented, Socially Concerned. In order of least concerned to most. Marketing to Gays and lesbians - Green Guides - Acceptable and Unacceptable Green practices set forth by the FTC. Basically what you must do to claim you are green. Green marketing - Three Types: Making products that don’ t hurt the environment, making products that have a positive impact on the environment, and tying a product to an environmental organization. Consumers high in individualism – 2 questions voluntary simplicity – People do it (consciously deciding to live within simpler means) to reduce stress, increase life satisfaction, and environmentalism. Examples are second hand products and green products. the creative class - Those who work in professions such as architecture, science, engineering, healthcare, and business…who generate new ideas and technologies for a living or engage in complex problem solving. 33% of the workforce. 10% in 1900. Postponed gratification - Should I save for a rainy day or live today? Immediate gratification is US, UK, Australia. Long term- India, Hungary, Brazil, China. HLC - It used to be the family life cycle, now more complex so called the Household Life Cycle. Based on age and marital status of adult members of the household, and presence and age of kids. Parts of it- Single, Young Couples no kids, Young married with kids, Single Parent, etc. Marketing based on the needs of particular category of household. Americans’ other-oriented values - Individual, Target Youth, Masculine, Competitive Family vs. organizational decision-making - family buying is more personal than organizational purchases. roles of various family members in family purchases – 3 questions. Initiator - Family member who first recognizes a need or starts the purchase process. Information Gatherers - Individual who has expertise and interest in a particular purchase. Different Individuals may seek info at different times or on different aspects of the purchase. Influencers - The person who influences the alternatives evaluated, the criteria considered, and the final choice. Decision Makers - obvious. Purchasers - Obvious, typically adult or teenager. Users - users of the product. resolving conflict in family purchases- 6 ways
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Study guide for first 451 exam - Study Guide 451 Exam 1...

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