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I Claudius “Family Affairs” David Rifkin and Terence (Terry) Hayes (Lays) Characters Claudius: Claudius narrates the series, but has yet to appear within the flashbacks. He is very bitter towards his grandmother Livia, and he is suspicious of everyone around him. Augustus: Augustus is the emperor of Rome. He is Livia’s husband, and he seems to be controlled by her. He seems concerned with his legacy in this episode, and also with the plans for Rome after his death. Livia : Livia is Augustus’ wife and the mother of Drusus and Tiberius. She is very meddlesome, and her one wish is to gain absolute power. Several characters are beginning to get suspicious of her role in Tiberius ascent toward the thrown. Drusus : Drusus is Livia’s son. He is the leader of the Roman army in Germany. He dies mysteriously after being thrown from his horse. He also is Claudius’ father. Tiberius : Tiberius is Livia’s son and Julia’s new husband. Livia is paving his way to the throne. Tiberius is very put-off by Julia, and he does not like his mother’s meddling either. Julia: Julia is Augustus’ only daughter. She is now married to Tiberius, but does not seem happy with her arrangement. Her marriage to Tiberius is clearly the result of Livia’s scheming and Marcus Agrippa’s death. She wants a divorce, but Augustus won’t allow it. She “gets around.” Lucius and Gaius : Lucius and Gaius are Julia’s sons by Marcus Agrippa. As Augustus’ grandchildren, they are regarded as the future of Rome. Antonia : Antonia is Drusus’ wife. She gave birth to Claudius and is, understandably, very upset at the death of her husband. Vipsania: Vipsania is Tiberius’ first wife. They were forcibly divorced and she is now remarrying. Tiberius still clearly loves her. Antonius Musa: Antonius Musa is Livia’s doctor of death, being that he has been present at both Drusus and Marcellus’ untimely demises. Summary At the opening of the episode, Claudius explains that Marcus Agrippa has died and that Julia has been married to Tiberius. Once this stage has been set, the flashback to the past begins with Drusus and Tiberius wrestling. After this, Julia is talking to Antonia while getting a massage. They exchange thoughts on Julia’s new marriage, and Julia expresses suspicion that Livia had a hand in Marcus Agrippa’s death. Tiberius and Drusus, while at the baths, discuss the wickedness of Livia, saying,
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Study Guide #2 full - I Claudius Family Affairs David...

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