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I, Claudius Main Characters Claudius: He was the emperor of Rome from 41-54 C.E. and narrates the movie through flash backs and through his memoirs. He comes off as slightly quirky, walks with a limp and seems to be losing his mind in his elderly state. Augustus: He was the emperor of Rome from 27 B.C.E.-14 C.E. and took many direct orders from his wife Livia who had great power and control over Augustus’ decision making. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa: Agrippa, as he is referred to, is Augustus’ general and a good friend. He seems to do everything in his power to make himself Augustus’ successor and the next emperor of Rome. He originally leaves Rome to live in Lesbos, however returns after an agreement with Augustus. Livia: She is Augustus’ wife and constantly seen trying to put her son, Tiberius, in position to succeed Augustus as emperor. She has great power over her husband and plays a dominant role in the decision making for Rome. Marcellus: He is Augustus’ nephew and is very popular among the Roman people. Up until his untimely and bizarre death, he was widely considered the most probable successor to the throne. Tiberius: He is Livia’s son from her prior marriage and is a strong general with a very happy marriage. Tiberius is being forced to give up such a life to live up to his mother’s aspirations of him as emperor. Drusus: He is another son of Livia and the father of Claudius, the narrator. The viewer has not actually met Drusus, but rather only heard of his successes on the battlefield. Julia: She is Augustus’ daughter and happily married to Marcellus until his untimely death. She is crushed by the loss, and worse, is soon married off to Agrippa by her father Augustus. This is purely a political arrangement. Octavia: She is Augustus’ sister and was married to Mark Antony. Octavia is the mother of Marcellus and has a very shaky relationship with Livia, Augustus’ wife. Antonia: She is the daughter of Octavia and Mark Antony and thus is disliked greatly by Livia. She will eventually be married to Drusus and give birth to Claudius.
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Study Guide.Agarwal's group - I Claudius Main Characters...

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